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At Woodco Transmission Services, we  pride ourselves in providing the finest automatic transmission repair. Our service facility in  Hapeville, near Atlanta, Georgia employs expert technicians, offers competitive prices and a strong warranty.

Delays can be costly - call us today!  (404) 761-7755
Our convenient center can provide you with a free - while you wait - computerized diagnosis of your transmission problem. Up front transmission repair prices are given for all repairs before the work is performed.  Click for fleet services.

We've been in the same location since 1974, so we must be doing something right!

Using advanced diagnostic procedures allows us to produce the finest results for you - with an outstanding warranty.

Our convenient location is easy to find...
Whether you live in Metro Atlanta or the surrounding counties of Fulton, Fayette,  Henry, Clayton or DeKalb, you will find us in a location that is easy to find.

We are accessible to all of South Atlanta's major freeways, and we are also very close to the Atlanta Airport. Please click on map for directions to our location.


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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

My wife and I brought her car in a year ago [to a dealership] because the transmission was shifting funny and getting worse. A man called from the service department and said that the car had a bad transmission and it would cost $4,995.00 to get it fixed.

I called a mechanic friend and asked him for advice. He referred me to a transmission shop called Woodco Transmission Services in Hapeville and said that the guy was completely honest.

Woodco checked everything out and replaced the transmission position sensor for $245.17 total and the car has been running great ever since.”

-Steve, Atlanta

I have met very few people that out of the blue will help someone on the spur of the moment. 

Wayne, thanks again for all your help. The transmission worked out great in the truck.  Will send some pictures. - Mark, 1940 Chevy truck.

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